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Learning Objectives

CDFI or Certified Digital Forensics Investigation course provides a holistic view of how Digital Forensics is implemented in the real world, including Incident Response preparation, acquiring and analyzing digital forensic images and analyzing host and network data.

  • This course will give you an overview on what is memory forensics and timeline analysis.

  • You will learn how to perform Log File Analysis, Email Analysis and File Analysis.

  • At the end of the course, you will also learn what is Registry Analysis, Timestamp Analysis and Network File Analysis.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to Computer Digital Forensics Investigation

    • Coming Soon

  • 3

    First Responder & On-Site Forensics Analysis

    • Coming Soon

  • 4

    Non-Volatile Data Acquisition

    • Coming Soon

  • 5

    Artefacts Timeline Analysis

    • Coming Soon

  • 6

    Analyzing Filesystems & Recovering Data

    • Coming Soon

  • 7

    Analyzing Windows Registry

    • Coming Soon

  • 8

    Analyzing Logs

    • Coming Soon

  • 9

    Analyzing Windows Files & Metadata

    • Coming Soon

  • 10

    Analyzing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome & Outlook

    • Coming Soon

  • 11

    Analyzing Network Forensics

    • Coming Soon

  • 12

    Computer Digital Forensics Reporting

    • Coming Soon